Young People Must Get Involved

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We celebrated Caribbean Youth Day this September and this year the focus is on mainstreaming our youth in order to ensure their own  –  and our  –  future. 

Our young people, teenagers and young adults alike, face increased pressures, and the only way we can keep them in the fold, is by making a concerted effort to align government youth policies. If we want them to triumph, we have to give them our full support.
Youth represent our future, but they are our present too. And so to ensure their full participation, we must invest in their health, education and leadership.
My ministry is committed to our youth’s holistic development. This year we hope to start a review of the National Youth Policy. We want to re-establish the National Youth Commission and implement updated policies that will make a difference to the individual and collective lives of our younger residents.
We want to see our young people get involved in every aspect of community life; we want to inspire them to achieve their dreams, and we want to encourage them to take the lead.
With an enthusiastic focus on youth, we hope to start a process of meaningful engagement and broad integration of young people, giving special attention to our at risk youngsters. The concept of youth mainstreaming is still rather new and it requires consistent, structured and committed partnership at every level.
A robust youth policy must cut across all sectors and it must stem from the true needs of young people. It must serve the interests of youth and promote their participation and involvement so they can become equal partners in our social, economic, cultural and environmental life.
We are going to put our young people at the heart of the new youth policy, but this time as the solution, rather than the problem,
But, however much we adults commit, we can only achieve success in improving their position if they, the young people of the Cayman Islands, rise to the challenge, do their part, and meet us halfway.
Our world faces multiple interconnected crises – climate change, unemployment, overpopulation, scarce resources. And it is unfortunately true that the adverse effects of these issues fall disproportionately on today’s young people. However, because they comprise 18% of the global population, young people also hold the key to the future.
And so, Cayman’s young men and women, this is your call to action. I know you have it in you for I have seen your depth of talent and your potential. Now, it is up to you to channel your energy and creativity into securing peace and sustainability for your own generation and for the future. 
Message from the Minister Scotland.
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