Public Consultation Begins on National Solid Waste Management Strategy

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The public is being asked to provide feedback on the draft National Solid Waste Management Strategy (NSWMS) “the Strategy” for the Cayman Islands beginning October 26th.

The consultation period of 26 October to 30 November, 2015 allows the public to offer input and feedback on the future waste management options that will be considered in order to develop an integrated solid waste management system for the country.

The Health Ministry’s solid waste management consultants AMEC Foster Wheeler have been working with the Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) Steering Committee to produce the draft strategy.

Jim Schubert, Senior Project Manager for the Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) advised that the purpose of the Strategy is to provide key policies and objectives for the future management of solid waste and the delivery of an Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) within the Cayman Islands.

It also identifies important steps and actions that will be taken to deliver the ISWMS and in so doing, address the current unsatisfactory landfill situation. These actions will be targeted to improve the sustainability of all waste management practices, make increased use of waste as a resource, and ensure the protection of the environment and amenity of the islands.

The future collection, treatment and disposal of waste in Cayman Islands will be underpinned by the National Solid Waste Management Policy (NSWMP) “the Policy” which has been established by the CIG. This sets out the vision, values and strategic directions for the delivery of a new ISWMS following a public consultation exercise undertaken in June/July 2015.

Long and short listed options for change and improvement in the way that waste is managed on the islands have been systematically appraised to develop options that the CIG will seek to develop and deliver as part of the implementation of the Strategy. These options cover a variety of areas ranging from recycling depot provisions through to the treatment of the residual waste that remains after recycling.

The options collectively contribute to the enhanced sustainability of waste management practices; waste reduction; increased reuse and recycling; the recovery of energy from residual waste; substantially reduced dependence on increasingly expensive and unsustainable landfills; protection of the environment; self-sufficiency as far as this is pragmatically deliverable; and the polluter pays principle.

The options analysis has also facilitated the development of a reference project that shows that the aspirations and aims encompassed within the Policy can be attained and provides approximate costs associated with key elements of the reference project delivery.

Interested persons are encouraged to visit to review the draft National Solid Waste Management Strategy. Open House sessions are being planned by the Ministry for the week of November 16th to meet with members of the public and get their feedback and comments on the draft Strategy

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