Frequently Asked Questions Long-Term Residential Mental Health Facility (LTRMHF)

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  • What is a Long-Term Residential Mental Health Facility (LTRMHF)?

This is a residential health care facility where care is provided in a healing environment for adult residents with chronic mental illnesses. Patients will be monitored and get help with their medications and any other support needed in order to stabilise them.

  • Why do we need a LTRMHF in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands does not have a LTRMHF. Local residents who require long-term mental healthcare are usually transferred to Jamaica or the United States for treatment or placed in the eight-bed acute care unit at the hospital. The facility is needed here to provide psychiatric care and management, counselling, vocational, educational and social skills training. With this type of care and local supervision, the chances of positive outcomes for residents will increase, allowing residents to eventually develop independent living and employment skills so that they can be reintegrated back into the community.

  • What will be the main benefits of having a LTRMHF in the Cayman Islands?

Residents will be able to remain in familiar surroundings, where they will receive treatment and care in a supportive environment and within their own culture, in appropriate conditions and accommodation. Family and friends will be able to visit regularly, whereas they are often separated for months or years when persons are sent to facilities overseas.

  • Where will the LTRMHF be located?

The facility will be located on 15 acres of land in East End, close to High Rock.

  • What types of residents will be housed at the LTRMHF?

The facility will house residents who are chronically mentally ill. Convicted criminals who are serving a sentence will not be housed at the facility.

  • Who will run the facility?

The facility will be overseen by the Cayman Islands Government’s Ministry of Health and operated by a Director with a team of clinical and support staff.

  • What will the design of the facility be like?

The design of the new facility will incorporate a main building and nine cottages, each of which can accommodate six residents. There will also be varied activities such as art and craft, and other therapeutic activities for residents.

  • Will the LTRMHF be a secured premise?

The facility is designed to be a home-away-from-home for residents. Residents will not be confined to their rooms but will be unable to leave the premises.

  • How long will residents stay in the facility?

The aim is to treat and reintegrate residents back into the community. The average length of stay per resident is estimated to be between 12 and 18 months, although there will be some persons requiring a longer course of treatment that could exceed 24 months. A few residents will stay indefinitely.

  • When will the facility be built and opened?

It is anticipated construction will begin on the LTRMH facility in summer 2018, with the first intake of residents in summer 2019.
For further information contact:
Janett Flynn
Senior Policy Advisor
Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing
Tel: 244-2374

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