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Wed, April 13, 10:08 AM

Following the recent capture and sale at the local fish market, of a scalloped hammerhead shark by fishermen, the Department of Environment has received several inquiries from c

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Thu, April 7, 2:13 PM

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) - the theme of World Health Day 2011 – is endangering the continued effectiveness of many medicines, particularly antibiotics.

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Thu, April 7, 2:05 PM

With diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases on the increase, the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Department are throwing their weight behind a new national

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Tue, March 15, 8:18 AM

Crime, a bad economy and a disregard for the environment are all issues that are negatively affecting Cayman's youth, said Youth Speaker of the House Ms.

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Wed, February 2, 4:57 PM

Following an open recruitment drive, the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture has appointed Collin Anglin as Sports Director.

Mr. Anglin has been with the Department of Sports since 2002 when he started as sports coordinator. His singular energy saw him promoted to Assistant Sports Director a mere two years later and he has acted as director since December 2009.

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Tue, January 25, 4:24 PM

There is a brand-new face greeting visitors at the National Museum - compliments of the John Gray High School work experience programme.

Year 12 student Amber Yates is manning the admissions desk two days per week – Wednesdays and Fridays – as part of the school’s drive to prepare students for the working world.

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Tue, January 25, 4:20 PM

Cayman’s premier track star Cydonie Mothersill makes local history once again, this time by becoming the first Caymanian athlete selected to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete Committee.

“I am honoured to serve as a representative to all sportsmen and women. I believe it is important that WADA officials understand the unique challenges athletes face as we push ourselves daily to reach the top. “In speaking up for this branch of the sporting fraternity, I hope to support WADA in developing sensible and effective drug detection and prevention strategies,” Cydonie said.

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Tue, January 18, 3:24 PM

Marine biologists who are working with the Department of Environment to study the area’s predator species caught and tagged two tiger sharks last week fitting each shark with two types of high-tech electronic tracking devices.

One type is a satellite tag that includes a GPS receiver and transmitter, and signals via satellite the location of the shark. The other type is a small acoustic tag or pinger that transmits a signal that can be detected by a permanent or hand held receiver, so showing that the animal is near.

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Tue, January 18, 3:19 PM

Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture and Department of Health Regulatory Services staff showed their support for breast cancer awareness by raising money f

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Tue, January 18, 3:14 PM

Ever wondered what a devil fish look like? Or 100-year old embroidery? You can find these and other unexpected artifacts on display as part of the National Museum’s new exhibition series From the Collection.

Inspired in part by budget constraints and the ever present demand for display opportunities the new exhibition will allow the public to view some of the Museum’s 9,000 pieces that are in storage. It will be staged in the Changing Gallery.

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