Departments & Authorities




CINICO’s mission is to provide affordable health insurance on the most cost effective basis possible, to ensure the wellness of residents of the Cayman Islands. CINICO is a government-owned insurance company formed to provide health insurance coverage to civil servants (employees and pensioners) and other residents of the Cayman Islands who historically have had difficulty obtaining coverage through their employer or the private insurance market. Its goal is to deliver the best insurance product available to civil servants and to the following members of the population in our Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC) Plans: The elderly (those aged 60 or over); the health impaired (those who have been rejected by two approved health insurance providers within the past 60 days), and low income (those who can provide evidence of an annual family income of CI$30,000 or less).


Health Services Authority

The Health Services Authority’s mission is to optimize the wellness of all people in our islands, by delivering accessible, cost-effective, patient-focused care through visionary leadership, operational efficiency and compassionate staff. As a government authority, it is the primary provider of healthcare services in the Cayman Islands.


Health Regulatory Services

The mission of the Health Regulatory Services Department is to effectively monitor and regulate the health insurance and health care industry in the Cayman Islands. The department also provides assistance to the public in resolving disputes regarding the provision of health insurance and health care services, and encompasses the Health Practice Commission and the Health Insurance Commission. In general it is responsible for:

  • Regulation of health insurers;
  • Regulation and licensing of healthcare facilities; and
  • Supervision of councils regulating healthcare professionals.


Public Health Department

Public health services are currently provided from within the Health Services Authority.

The department is mainly tasked with the surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases.


The National Drug Council

The National Drug Council (NDC) is an independent statutory body set up under the National Drug Council Law, 2003 revision to co-ordinate anti-drug measures in the Cayman Islands. The National Drug Council consists of 13 council members and an office which serves as the secretariat.




Cayman National Cultural Foundation

CNCF’s mission is to stimulate, facilitate and preserve cultural and artistic expression generally, particularly the preservation and exploration of Caymanian performing, visual and literary arts.


National Gallery

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands serves to promote and encourage the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, of and in the Cayman Islands. To this end, the National Gallery travels Caymanian art and artists abroad as well as having many fine international artists visit, exhibit and work in the Cayman Islands.


National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum is dedicated to the preservation, research and dissemination of all aspects of the Caymanian natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations.


National Trust

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is a non-profit, statutory body with the mission to preserve natural environments and places of historic significance in the Cayman Islands for present and future generations.