Internal complaints procedure




The Ministry of Health & Culture is committed to serving the public, and as such, the Ministry is willing to listen to the public about the quality and timeliness of the delivery of its service.

The Ministry has therefore embarked on an internal complaints process that will give it feedback and therefore improve on the delivery of its services. Internal complaints forms are available from the reception area of the Ministry on the 5th Floor of the Government Administration Building. It can also be downloaded below.


The Process  

1)      All members of the public have the right to make a complaint to the Ministry of Health if they feel that they have not been properly dealt with by the Ministry’s staff. This includes complaints against the departments under the Ministry of Health

2)      The person making the complaint will be asked to write a letter or complete and sign the internal complaints form. Those needing assistance in filling the form will be assisted by a member of staff at the Ministry

3)      Completed forms or letters may be submitted directly to the Ministry at the 5th. Floor, Government Administration Building, or may be sent by post to Ministry of Health & Culture, Government Administration Building, Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1 –9000 or by fax to 345-949 1790

4)      On receipt of the complaint, the form will be date stamped and placed in the incoming mail, and then forwarded to the Deputy Governor within twenty four hours, who will direct it to a senior officer for investigation.

5)      In the event that the complaint is against the Chief Officer, then the complainant will be advised to make their complaint to the Deputy Governor at the following address:

                  The Deputy Governor’s Office

                  4th. Floor, Government Administration Building

                  Elgin Avenue, George Town

                  Grand Cayman, Cayman islands, KY1 -9000

6)      The complainant will be sent a formal acknowledgement letter within seven working days of receipt of the complaint, and the timeline expected for the response, which would be 30 working days under normal circumstances.

7)      If the Chief Officer’s or nominee’s investigation is taking longer than the 30days, then the complainant will be informed in writing and will be given a new time for the response.

8)      The Chief officer will provide a response within 60 working days  from the time the complaint was received and the response will include the remedies and apologies where needed.

9)      If the complainant is not satisfied with the response from the Chief Officer, they will be advised that they can address it to the Office of the Complaints Commissioner at the following address:

                        Office of the Complaints Commissioner
                        P.O. Box 2252
                        Grand Cayman KY1-1107
                        202 Piccadilly Centre
                        28 Elgin Ave
                        Cayman Islands
                        Tel: 345 943 2220
                        Fax: 345 943 2221


10)  All findings from the resolution of complaints will be discussed at meetings with senior staff in an effort to improve service delivery from the Ministry.

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