New Look for NDC

The new NDC logo.
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The National Drug Council (NDC) is positioning itself to play a growing role in establishing drug prevention and rehabilitation policies for the Cayman Islands, starting with a brand new logo. “We are very excited about our new and fresh brand. It is representative of our efforts and mandate, while the contemporary color palette and design reflect the fact that we are continuously developing and growing,” Executive Director Joan West-Dacres stated. Mrs. West-Dacres further explained that the new logo mirrors the council’s main functions: “The ‘N’ signifies the three pillars of the work of the NDC, namely policy and prevention, research and information and monitoring and evaluation. These three ‘pillars’ creates the “N” in national to represent the council’s national efforts.” She added: “The ‘N’ is also dynamic in its presentation and it demonstrates our innovativeness, which is how we want to be viewed. The stars symbolises the three islands and they are in the ‘control’ of the ‘C’ representing the council’s efforts in drug control for our islands. “The blue is representative of our Islands’ close bond with the ocean and the movement and slanting of the letters to the right signifies our progress and continual forward motion,” she concluded. The NDC is an independent statutory body set up under the National Drug Council Law (1997) to co-ordinate anti-drug measures in the Cayman Islands through policy and prevention, research and information and monitoring and evaluation. As such, its main functions include reviewing drug use trends, formulating and developing drug prevention and rehabilitation policies and programmes; drug-use surveys and public education. The National Drug Council is currently made up of the following members: Mrs. Dorothy Crumbley; Chairman, Mr. Rayle Roberts, Vice-Chairman; and members Ms. Margaret Ramsay-Hale, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Mr. Mark C. Campbell, Mrs. Teresa Echenique-Bowen, Mr. Ricardo Forbes. Government representation includes the chief officers of the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture, the Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing and the Ministry of Finance. The Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Finance, or their representatives are also part of the council. The staff members responsible for the day-to day operations are Mrs. West-Dacres, Prevention Officer Simon Miller, Research and Information Officer Luisa McLaughlin, Administrative & Finance Officer Kimberlee McLean and Administrative Assistant Ruby McLaughlin. For more information on the NDC’s programmes, go to or call 949-9000 to schedule a workshop. Or visit them at #17 Caymanian Village, North Sound Way.

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